Our mission is to develop high quality software and learning aids that are easy to use and allow users to leverage their individual strengths.

Developments in technology, medicine and nutrition are giving rise to better lives and undreamed-of opportunities. The world, however, is becoming more complicated and our lives are becoming harder to navigate. As a result more and more people are recognizing that education, and particularly knowing how to learn, is an essential part of our everyday lives.

This recognition is all around us. Teachers are working tirelessly to uphold new standards so that every child can succeed. Admittedly, there are problems with the system right now. But at least there is finally a focus on getting it right.

Parents, likewise, are taking a more active role than ever before in their children's education. Many, frustrated with the pace of renovation, are taking on the full responsibility and challenge for their children's education by homeschooling.

But tireless teachers and active parents are not enough. We need to equip the students themselves with the knowledge and tools to take control of the learning process, so that they are able to learn outside of structured learning environments and in their everyday lives. Our vision is for every student to know his or her own strengths as learners, and to have the tools make the most of those strengths.