Authentic Teaching

Authentic Learning

Virtual Learning Environment Solutions, Inc.

Knowledge is power. Own the knowledge.


VLE Solutions, Inc., is an educational software and training company dedicated to helping adults learn. Whether they are in college taking classes or in the workforce advancing their careers, we teach people to use their individual strengths as learners and to take ownership of the learning process .

Our customers use authentic learning situations to develop effective and efficient habits of mind and patterns of thinking. We distill decades of research into actionable processes so our customers achieve their goals.

Own the Knowledge

When you learn in an authentic learning environment; when you study not to remember, but to understand, you reach the point where the knowledge becomes yours.

Yours to use. Yours to extend. Yours to expand.

Yours to create with.

You own it. And when you own it, it becomes your power.

This is our focus at VLE Solutions: Learning for mastery and understanding.