About Virtual Learning Environment Solutions, Inc.

A Privately Held Corporation

The great leader of business economics, Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman, insisted that the purpose of a business is to maximize value for its shareholders. I respectfully disagree.

The purpose of a business is to organize resources, including human resources, to accomplish a mission.

When I was a professor of physics at Northern Virginia Community College, I was troubled that education was always on the state budget chopping block. As someone who considers public education to be essential to the defense of our country and way of life I consider it reckless to reduce the resources that provide for generating and developing ideas. And I was a defense contractor early in my career, so my opinion in this is not unconsidered. Yet it seems to happen consistently, even when the economy is doing well.

When our family moved to Boston I entered the world of small business, dedicated to educational software. Having been a leader in educational technology as a professor, I was enthusiatic about extending the reach of great teaching and personalizing the skills of learning.

I started VLE Solutions to connect the best practices of teaching and learning directly to the teachers and the learners. By operating as a small business I keep it largely beyond the reach of politics, and by operating with a clear business purpose, I keep it free from the pressure to sacrifice ethics.

To date VLE Solutions has launched three products.

  • The first two, Egorg and Study Swami, were built for academic education- Egorg for middle-school aged children, and Study Swami for college students.
  • The third, BizWorkLife, was created for the adult professional who needs to learn how to deal with a new life situation.

VLE Solutions is located in Salem, Massachusetts, USA.