Knowledge is power.

Own the knowledge.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop high quality software and learning aids that are easy to use and allow users to leverage their individual strengths.

My name is Dan Himes. I founded VLE Solutions to help adults learn how to learn.

As a professor of physics at Northern Virginia Community College, I was troubled that education was always on the state budget chopping block. I consider public education to be essential to the defense of our country and way of life. It is reckless to endanger the intellectual resources that provide for generating ideas and developing products.

Yet it seems that even when the economy is doing well education remains a political scapegoat.

I had been a leader in adopting and applying ecucational technology, so when our family moved from the DC area to Boston it was natural that I begin working on educational software. I saw great potential for learners to personalize their learning skills, and learning is ultimately a personal endeavor.

I started VLE Solutions to connect the best practices of learning directly the learners. By operating as a small business I keep the endeavor largely beyond the reach of politics, and by operating with a clear business purpose and keeping the business privately held, I keep it free from the pressure to sacrifice ethics.

The great leader of business economics, Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman, insisted that the purpose of a business is to maximize value for its shareholders. I respectfully disagree. I believe:

The purpose of a business is to organize resources, including human resources, to accomplish a mission.

Developments in technology, medicine and nutrition are giving rise to better lives and undreamed-of opportunities. The world, however, is becoming more complicated and our lives are becoming harder to navigate. Education, and particularly knowing how to learn, is becoming and an essential part of our everyday lives. College students who forge advantageous strategies and attitudes while in college give themselves the ability to be able to take advantage of the next opportunity.

We are here to equip people with the knowledge and tools to take control of the learning process, so that they are able to learn outside of structured learning environments and in their everyday lives. Our vision is for every person who chooses so to know his or her own strengths as learners, and to have the tools make the most of those strengths.