BizWorkLife provides online training for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and professionals starting a new aspect of their career or life (new baby, recent divorce, promotion with many new responsibilities, and so on).

We have released some free videos for you on BizWorkLife to help you maintain focus, hope, and sanity through the Covid-19 pandemic shutdown, and plan for a post-shutdown world.

  • How to keep remote teams a part of your post-covid strategy- and make them succeed.
  • How managers can deal with "Zoom Fatigue" in their direct reports (it's real).
  • Maintaining Work-Life balance in these impossible circumstances.
  • Advice for parents who have been thrust into the role of teacher or teacher's aide and aren't quite sure how to handle it.

We've launched "Time Management and Work-Life Balance" for learning how to get control of your life and your business. This highly praised course is similar in scope to the $300 and up courses taught on time management for businesses. We've slashed the price to help our kindred spirits prepare to recover from the Covid-19 shelter-in-place situation which is wreaking havoc throughout the small business community.

Not sure if online training is for you? We have a free lesson on "Strategic Delegation" so you can try out the platform and the instructor.

Study Swami

Study Swami is a study skills and time-management solution for college students. Many students arrive at college without having the skills required for academic success. Study Swami teaches them how to succeed.

We have a video just for college students who are wrestling with the study-from-home situation. Your colleges no doubt offered advice, but not like this.


Egorg reading and writing products are for helping middle school students develop reading and writing skills. "Egorg" stands for Electronic Graphic Organizer; the products used a visual approach to reading comprehension and writing organization.

The Egorg products have reached end-of-life and are no longer being offered.